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Starting from June 2013 Hong Tian Guiyou joined Milan’s

Talabote 30th arrived in Milan this morning local time, after successfully passed a routine medical examination arranged by the Club, he is like many new signing Milan, get dinner at the Giannino restaurant and Club nike free 5.0 uk Vice President Adriano Galliani opportunity then prominent lawyer Cantamessa witness, completed a contract with Milan. At this point, the rossoneri well eat into the 2014 5th new signing of the winter transfer window, the 24-year old Morocco international, is on loan to Milan until the end of the season, accompanied by a buyout clause in the lease agreement.
Starting from June 2013, Hong Tian Guiyou joined Milan’s message has been rife. However, everyone is surprised, Milan hope Tian Guiyou franchise is so urgent: it appears from a series of hefty fine before, the Japanese nike free tr fit womens should have landed the Serie a until the summer of 2014. More surprising is that Milan did not hesitate to take “10th” gave Tian Guiyou. People, of course, wore the number 10th Tian Guiyou, interpreted as “Milan, that made it easier to open up the Asian market.” But it is clear that such a century-old clubs, 10th number much more than simple as its commercial value.
Previous European Championship Italy ever fall into the Group of death, Greece in first gear, while Spain and Germany into third gear, France IV, and Netherlands, and Italy and France in the Group of death rush. Considering Euro 2012 third gear there with Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, while in recent years landscape is no longer France once again reduced to four, the most extreme case, Italy (Germany and England as well), and Spain (or the Netherlands), Portugal and France on the same team, it’s going to be a super group of death, compared with 2008, and do even better.
From the Guardian News, arsenal to the Wales midfield opened up a 5-year contract for up to 100,000 pounds a week, and that the lamusaihui agree to sign the contract. The Daily Telegraph also reported, adding that 100,000 a week after the lamusai renewal will be limited to Ernie Zirl team at arsenal’s second. It is worth mentioning that, lamusai now the fulfillment of the contract was signed in December of 2012 in just 15 months, arsenal once again changed his mind.

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